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Institutional agreements – central billing of article processing charges

The majority of the journals we publish are financed through moderate article processing charges (APCs). To facilitate the payment process of APC invoices for papers authored by affiliates of your institution, we offer central settlement schemes which we call institutional agreements.

When we enter into such an agreement, all invoices from first or corresponding authors of your institution are collected in an online "bucket" for 1 month and then a joint invoice is generated for them. This procedure reduces transaction costs because the library does not need to reimburse every single author invoice, and invoices are always in the format they should be. Moreover, authors do not have to deal with the payment of the APCs themselves but can concentrate on their research.

You will receive access to our online system allowing you to monitor all manuscripts submitted by your authors (first or corresponding). This overview comprises all submitted manuscripts, those which are in review, those which have been rejected, as well as those which have been published. In addition, all invoices of published articles can be accessed in a settlement overview. As another advantage, we set up an automated feed of papers and metadata into your repository.

We do not offer discounts. The vast majority of the open-access journals we publish are owned by learned societies or scientific institutions. These bodies determine the prices we charge the authors. When doing so, they can decide either to subsidize the journals, to break even with the costs for our services, or to gain income. We, Copernicus Publications, provide all our services, ranging from software development to typesetting and language copy-editing, in-house. We apply page prices, and average article costs, depending on the journal and the applied peer review process, are around €600–€1,300 net. The page prices differ between the journals and can be viewed on the journals' websites and in this overview. You can decide whether to take over the full APCs or only parts (e.g. because of a funding cap). You can find an overview of our existing agreements here.

If you are interested in such an institutional agreement or in a prepayment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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