Recently launched

The following journals have been launched recently. Most of them are just in the phase of receiving manuscript submissions. Please subscribe to the free alert service if you would like to be informed once the first articles are being published.

E&G Quaternary Science Journal (EGQSJ)

E&G Quaternary Science Journal (EGQSJ) is an interdisciplinary open-access journal published by the German Quaternary Association (DEUQUA) since 1951, and it is one of the longest-running journals related to Quaternary research. EGQSJ publishes peer-reviewed articles and express reports, as well as thesis abstracts related to Quaternary geology, paleo-environments, paleo-ecology, soil science, paleo-climatology, geomorphology, geochronology, archaeology, and geoarchaeology focussing on, but not limited to, research from central Europe.

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Journal of Micropalaeontology (JM)

The Journal of Micropalaeontology (JM) is an established international journal covering all aspects of microfossils and their application to both applied studies and basic research. In particular we welcome submissions relating to microfossils and their application to palaeoceanography, palaeoclimatology, palaeobiology, evolution, taxonomy, environmental change and molecular phylogeny.

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Geoscience Communication (GC)

Geoscience Communication (GC) is a journal to help share knowledge and give more "traditional" recognition to science communication in the geosciences. Science communication is used as an umbrella term by GC to cover all aspects of outreach, public engagement, widening participation, knowledge exchange, and any other initiatives within the scope of the journal. It can be thought of as any initiative which seeks to communicate an aspect of geoscience to a wider audience than the experts within that particular field.

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DEUQUA Special Publications (DEUQUASP)

DEUQUA Special Publications (DEUQUASP) publishes field guidebooks and special volumes related to Quaternary research. Volumes are usually organised and managed by guest editors.

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Geochronology (GChron)

Geochronology (GChron) is an international scientific journal dedicated to the discussion and publication of high-quality research on the physical, chemical, and biological processes used to quantify time in all environmental and geological settings throughout Earth's history.

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