Interactive Public Peer ReviewTM

To foster scientific discussion and to enhance the effectiveness and transparency of scientific quality assurance, in 2001 Copernicus Publications started with an innovative two-stage publication process, the so called Interactive Public Peer ReviewTM. The respective journals are comprised of the fully peer-reviewed journal itself and an access-reviewed discussion forum.

In the first stage, manuscripts that pass a streamlined access-review are immediately typeset and published in the discussion forum in our on-screen format optimized for online reading. They then undergo an interactive public discussion, during which the referees' comments (anonymous or attributed), additional short comments by other members of the scientific community (attributed), and the authors' replies are published.

In the second stage, the peer-review process is completed and, if accepted, the final revised papers are published in the journal. To ensure publication precedence for authors and to provide a lasting record of the scientific discussions, the discussion forum and the journal are both ISSN-registered, archived, and fully citable (incl. DOI).

1. Submission  |  2. Access review  |  3. Technical corrections  |  4. Publication as D-paper  |  5. Comments
6. Revision  |  7. Revised submission  |  8. Peer-review completion  |  9. Final revised publication

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