Online open-access publishing

All articles published in Copernicus Publications' open-access journals, as well as any corresponding material such as RSS feeds, XML or supplementary files, are accessible online and free of charge to everyone worldwide. Anyone may copy, distribute, transmit and adopt the work as long as the original author is given credit. This corresponds to the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.

Online open-access publishing with Copernicus Publications offers many more advantages. Our sense of responsibility to the authors is expressed in our personal and professional commitment to giving their work both the high visibility and significance it deserves. The spectrum of services we offer to enhance our customer's experience includes:

  • Typesetting, author proofreading and copy-editing for English: Authors may submit their manuscripts in LaTeX or *.doc(x) format, which we typeset via pdfLaTeX. Afterwards, the article is proofed by a member of our copy-editing team, which is then sent back to the author for confirmation. Proofreading corrections may be iterated until the author approves the publication. The publication production process is handled by one typesetter and one copy-editor per article in order to offer the author the most personalized and transparent support and service possible.
  • Immediate publication: We structure the journals in volumes and issues. Nevertheless, each article will immediately be uploaded to the online libraries, together with its individual publication date, to guarantee swift publication.
  • Article alert service: Everyone is invited to subscribe to the article alert service free of charge. That means the scientific community will be informed about any new article of interest immediately upon publication of the respective paper.
  • BIBDAT distribution: The BIBliographic Data Automatic Transfer generates XML files of each new article upon publication and distributes this information file to various scientific databases, search engines, indices and archives worldwide.
  • Virtual special issues (SI): We publish each SI paper as such, and as a regular paper in a standard issue. This avoids potential delays due to different submission dates within one SI. We ensure the SI papers are linked to their respective SI, together with an Editorial or Foreword and its individual table of contents.
  • Topical libraries: Based on the keywords already in use for the Article Alert Service, the online libraries of (some of) our journals also offer access by topic. Readers can therefore choose to search the libraries via volumes and issues, special issues or topics.
  • Print-on-demand: We offer printed issues for all our journals, both for volume subscriptions as well as single issue orders. Print-on-demand technology allows us to produce the copies quickly, with a minimum print run of just one copy.
  • Moderate article processing charges (APCs): Our open-access journals (mostly) run on an author-payment model. We prefer APCs based on the number of pages and the quality of the raw data. In this way, authors can directly influence the price of the publication.
  • Financial support for authors: We cooperate with various partners in order to offer authors the opportunity to subsidize or even waive service charges. Our most prominent partners are the Max Planck Society and the Helmholtz Association.

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