Services for reviewers

Reviewers play the most important role in transforming a manuscript into a high-quality journal article. It is our aim to help you as much as possible and to continuously serve you with personal assistance.

You benefit from the following:

  • Careful tracking of each individual manuscript from submission to acceptance by one staff member, who is always at your disposal;
  • Usage of online tools to enable you to work on the reviews anytime from anywhere;
  • Public Peer-Review allowing you to publish your reports in order to maximize the transparency of scientific quality assurance.

Online review system manuals 

  • Manual for topical editors of traditional journals (PDF)
  • Manual for topical Editors of interactive journals (PDF)
  • Information on similarity reports (PDF)

How do I get access to the review tools? 

Submitted manuscripts are classified by the authors according to the individual journal subject areas. Based on that information, the online editorial support system asks the matched editors if they are interested in reviewing the respective manuscript. After acceptance, the editor is asked to screen the paper and to nominate referees.

Editors and referees are informed by email about the next steps and any actions that should be undertaken. The Copernicus Publications Editorial Support is always available to help and assist you during the various steps and in case any questions arise.

Access to the tools for reviewers as well as specific information about the review process of a journal can be found on the individual journal web pages under the menu item "Review".

Natascha Töpfer
Editorial Support
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Phone +49 551 90 03 39 40