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Besides topical open-access journals and open-access proceedings titles, Copernicus Publications also fosters and supports scientific communication and exchange through preprints, with or without peer review, as well as compilations of highlight articles or articles selected by editors and fulfilling specific criteria.

Preprint and community platforms


EGUsphere is the EGU interactive community platform serving as a central repository for the abstracts and presentations from EGU's conferences and as preprint server for preprints posted for public peer review and possible later publication in one of EGU's topical journals. EGUsphere also welcomes preprints posted with access review only.

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Encyclopedia of Geosciences (EG)

The Encyclopedia of Geosciences is a collection of peer-reviewed scientific review articles on topics relevant to the geosciences, published in the open-access journals of the European Geosciences Union (EGU), written by the experts of the field. It shall fill the gap between traditional review articles on the one hand and online encyclopediae on the other. The subject area of the Encyclopedia of Geosciences is the entire field of geosciences including research on the atmosphere, hydrosphere, cryosphere, solid earth, and biosphere (for details, see the list of topics). The articles shall address readers with academic but not necessarily specialist background in science.

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