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Annales Geophysicae (ANGEO) is an international, multi- and inter-disciplinary scientific open-access journal in the field of solar–terrestrial and planetary sciences. ANGEO publishes original articles and short communications (letters) on research of the Sun–Earth system, including the science of space weather, solar–terrestrial plasma physics, the Earth's ionosphere and atmosphere, the magnetosphere, and the study of planets and planetary systems, the interaction between the different spheres of a planet, and the interaction across the planetary system.

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Biogeosciences (BG)

Biogeosciences (BG) is an international scientific journal dedicated to the publication and discussion of all aspects of the interactions between the biological, chemical and physical processes in terrestrial or extraterrestrial life with the geosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere. The objective of the journal is to cut across the established scientific boundaries and achieve an interdisciplinary view of these interactions.

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Primate Biology (PB)

Primate Biology (PB) is an international peer-reviewed, open-access, online journal, which publishes advanced research in all scientific areas involving non-human primates. Papers can address different topics and approaches including theory, modelling, experiments, or methods.

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Web Ecology (WE)

Web Ecology (WE) publishes papers from all fields of ecology. It is a forum to communicate the results of experimental, theoretical as well as descriptive studies of general interest to an international audience. Contributions on ecological research relating to all kinds of organisms and ecosystems, or papers that express emerging ideas and concepts with a sound scientific background are welcome.

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